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Using the HyperVest Pro for osteoporosis



  • Official comment
    Hyperwear Manager

    Hi Michelle

    This page isn't very active so you aren't likely to get a lot of feedback.  We have many women who use our vests to build their bone density.  Best resource is for you to check out the following page for helpful links:

    Both and recommend our vests.  

    Thank you,




  • Harriet i Rantoul-Hazard

    I just bought one for  the same reason. I plan to wear it on a stairmaster and walking. Probably other kinds of workouts too. I just got the Pro Medium vest today so my question is how much does it weigh with all the weights? I bought the 10lb version so is that what it weighs and if I want, I can buy extra weights. Newbie :-)

  • Hyperwear Manager

    Hi Harriet,

    Welcome, happy to have you here!  The vest you ordered weighs 10 lbs with all the weights loaded.  You can buy more weight and slowly add more at your discretion:

    I don't recommend more than 15/20 lbs for your application.  Let us know if we can assist you further!

  • Karen Webb

    Hi I would like to purchase the elite pro I am 164cm tall and weigh 63kg I will use it for walking and bone building as I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I am 60 and reasonably fit and active. Should I buy the small or medium? Thanks


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